Window Grilles


Chiswick Security can provide added security to your premises by manufacturing and installing window grilles. There is a wide range of bespoke window grilles available including mesh grilles, bar grilles, London & Birmingham bars and collapsible gates. These window grilles are not only practical but they will protect your premises from any attack. The security Grilles and bars at Chiswick security can be fabricated to fit all of the doors and windows of your premises without affecting the natural light entering the building.


Security Grilles


Bar Grilles


Bar grilles can be designed to include features such as openings for emergency access, letterboxes and baskets. We manufacture a full selection of window bar grilles with either square or round steel bars at various thicknesses, so that we can provide you with window bar grilles ideal for the requirements of your windows and doors. We can also combine bar grilles with mesh in-fills and sheet steel, which will reinforce privacy.


Mesh Grilles

Mesh grilles are used to protect buildings by covering the glass in windows, doors and skylights. They can be installed both on the inside and the outside of a building. Chiswick security can manufacture a wide range of powder coated mesh grilles in various shapes and sizes to suit the security requirements of your building.



Security Grilles

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